Fun Activities in Teaching Subject Verb Agreement

Teaching grammar can be a daunting task, but it doesn`t have to be boring! Subject-verb agreement is a crucial element of grammar that students need to master in order to effectively communicate in writing. Here are some fun activities to engage students in learning subject-verb agreement:

1. Mad Libs: This classic fill-in-the-blank game is a great way to practice subject-verb agreement in an entertaining way. Start by giving students a sentence with a missing verb. They can then choose a verb from a list or come up with their own, and then fill in the sentence with their chosen verb. Encourage them to get creative and silly with their choices!

2. Sentence scrambles: Write a sentence with incorrect subject-verb agreement on the board, and then mix up the words so that students have to put the sentence back together in the correct form. This activity not only reinforces subject-verb agreement, but also helps with sentence structure and order.

3. Team grammar race: Divide the class into teams and give each team a whiteboard or piece of paper. Call out a subject and a verb, and then time the students as they race to write a sentence using the correct subject-verb agreement. The team with the most correct sentences at the end of the game wins!

4. Picture prompts: Show students a picture and ask them to write a sentence describing what`s happening in the picture using correct subject-verb agreement. This activity not only engages students visually, but also encourages them to use descriptive language and proper grammar.

5. Grammar karaoke: Choose a popular song and change the lyrics to focus on subject-verb agreement. Print out the new lyrics and have students sing along to the tune, correcting the grammar as they go. This activity is a fun way to incorporate music into the classroom and make learning grammar more memorable.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement doesn`t have to be a dry and dull subject. By using these fun and interactive activities, students can learn this important grammar rule in an engaging and memorable way.